Taq left at RT - gulp! -

Duncan Clark Duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk
Wed Sep 28 07:52:57 EST 1994

In article: <Cwrs37.GKK at zoo.toronto.edu>  mes at zoo.toronto.edu (Mark Siddall) writes:
> Geez what a boo-boo...
> Accidentally left Taq out (covered though) at 25C for 24hr!!!
> Primers, buffersw, etc as well...
> Has anyone been foolhardy enough to have done this as well?
> Should I expect serious problems using this in the future?  Or
> just chuck it all out?

Taq on its own in storage buffer is stable for at least 6 months at 
room temperature and 1 month at 37C. Don't panic too much. Buffers 
appear OK at RT for umpteen months. Primers should be OK O/N.

Panic is when you leave 2 million units of Nci I out accidently over
the weekend at RT not even in storage buffer. That was real panic! 
However it was fine!

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