RNA Precipitation with Ammonium Acetate

dkim at unm.edu dkim at unm.edu
Wed Sep 28 13:42:03 EST 1994


I found "
" A Simple Method for RNA Purification from In Vitro Transcription REactions"
In the Epicentre Forum, June 1992 (Vol 1, No. 2, page 8).  In this article,
the author says that RNA can be recovered from in vitro transcription
reaction mixes, away from DNA and proteins, using 2.5 M ammonium acetate.

Add ammonium acetate to 2.5 M
Hold on ice 15 minutes
Spin 15 min in microfuge
Washpellet in 70 % Ethanol
Resuspend in water or buffer.

Does this make sense?  With all the work that goes into the typical RNA prep,
I would think such a method would catch on.  Has anyone tried this for an
 RNA prep from a simple cell lysate?  

Daniel Kim
kim at triton.unm.edu

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