Li-cor DNA-Sequencer

Bill Oetting DGM-IHG bill at
Wed Sep 28 12:43:53 EST 1994

Lawrence Washington (lwashing at wrote:
I have been using the LI-COR DNA sequencer for over 3 years.  We use it 
for direct sequencing of PCR amplification products and plasmids and for 
STRP linkage analysis.  I have found the sequencer to be both reliable 
having a very good signal to noise ratio.  A real advantage to the LI-COR 
machine to the other sequencers is the autoradiogram-like image that the 
LI-COR produces.  For sequencing large numbers of individuals we will 
load all the As, Ts etc. together and look for the odd band.  (see 
Electrophoresis 1994, vol. 15 159-164)  For STRP anaylsis, we are able to 
multiplex 4 markers and get good banding patterns.  We use RFLPscan from 
Scanalytics for determining the number and size of the alleles.  This 
information then goes into the LINKAGE programs via the software 
Cyrillic.  If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at- 
bill at

Bill Oetting
Department of Medicine
Univeristy of Minnesota

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