radiation counters

Wed Sep 28 07:58:48 EST 1994

I am looking for some advice.  I am setting up an undergraduate 
research/teaching lab.  One item we will need is a counter for 
radiation work.  Unfortunately, most scintillation counters cost 
>$15k, occupy a large footprint, and are much more than we need.  
What we are looking for is a small unit that accepts single samples 
and only needs to do one channel.  We would use it for 32P or 35S 
counts primarily.  Mainly in terms of probe preparation or even 
counting a few gradient samples.  Does anyone have any 
recommendations or suggestions??  TIA.

Doug Rhoads                  || Dept. of Biological Sciences
drhoads at mercury.uark.edu     || 601 Science Engineering
drhoads at uafsysb.uark.edu     || University of Arkansas
501-575-3251                 || Fayetteville, AR 72701

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