>>>>Help on In-Vitro Transcription<<<

CJF 90/10 INSERM belin at cimacpcu.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Sep 29 09:07:26 EST 1994


I'm trying to realize a run-on experiment, that is to say to make in vitro
transcription using the nuclear machinery...but, if I think I'm succeed in
preparing living nuclei from my tissue...I've got problem to purify the
weak amount of 32P-mRNA that are produced during the transcription, I've
tried Phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation using RNAzol from
Bioprobe Company, but all my mRNAs have disappeared, I will try some quick
purification using columns. We've got in our lab NucTrap column , Microcon
columns and Chromaspin column...
What I need is to know if somebody has some experience on the subject and
how to purify my mRNAs extracts after in-vitro transcription!

Thank you for your help!
Roger Besancon
Pathological Anatomy Lab
Medecine School of A. Carrel
Guillaume Paradin Street
F-69372 Lyon cedex 08, France

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