about filber digestive GENE(s)

Andre Hamel hamel at cc.umanitoba.ca
Thu Sep 29 13:30:42 EST 1994

I'm assuming that the posting had a typo error ("filber" versus fiber) ...
cellulolytic bacteria (bacteria capable of metabolising celloluse, such as
cellulomonas) are responsible for ruminents being able to digest
foodstuffs high in fiber (cellulose) such as grass, hay, etc ... large
dinosaurs likely had such symbiotic/commensalistic relationships with the
little beasties 8^) ... thus, to pop the necessary genes into animals
wouldn't be trivial (pathway of enzymatic events).



In article <1994Sep28.235247.25359 at msuvx2.memphis.edu> mluo at cc.memphis.edu writes:
>Hi guys,
>I am dieing to find out if anybody know the GENE sequnce of the filber digesting
>enzyme from herbivors animals like cow, sheep, etc? I am thinking about the the
>posibility of insert this GENE to other animals that without this GENE, like
>CAn anybody give me a hint where can I find out this information or who can I
>Mingqing Luo

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