Plasmid prep from dead agar plates

mrege at mrege at
Thu Sep 29 17:18:33 EST 1994


I saw recently some postings concerning the recovery of plasmid DNA
from old  agar plate cultures. Is this possible? Unfortunately, some
of our precious clones seem to be lost, although the plates still look
well. But they don't grow after re-striking on a new medium.

I am thinking of washing the plates with LB and try to grow this with low
amounts of antibiotic, but before doing so I would rather try recovering
the plasmids and re-transforming.

Please, can someone send me the articles and/or protocols? We are 
somewhat desperate, since the frozen stocks we kept are missing.

Please, answer directly to:  josefina at

Josefina Enfedaque ** Dept. Microbiologia ** Fac. Farmacia ** Univ. Barcelona

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