35 mm slides of gels - help

Thu Sep 29 13:14:19 EST 1994

Hi, Netters.  Shiao Wang requested information on taking 35mm slides of
agarose gels and producing black and white slides of other things from
the lab.  Here is my 2 cents.
  I assume that you (Shiao) also have a school which is unable to provide
these services for you via some graphic arts dept. with a photographer.  So,
you can try what we do.  Bring in a tripod and your own 35mm camera.  If you
want black and white photos, get a roll from a good photo shop (I didn't find
any in the drugstore - everyone wants color these days).  Set your camera to
manual if it is an automatic, prop it up the right distance from the image,
and read from the light meter the best exposure time. (Do this with the light
box on and the filter you plan to use.)  Then, shoot several exposures on
either side of the one the light meter told you would be optimal.  Take
the film in and have it developed.  Get slides made of the best exposure.
If you have a photo expert in the department, you can set up a system for
taking slides.  You can either use one of the computer generated variety,
or you can use a camera, direct duplicating film and make the slides on
the spot, yourself.  I don't know enough about the particulars to tell you
all you need to know for that, though.  Maybe someone else does?  Good
luck.  Laura Moen

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