Seeking rfa, rfb clones

mrege at mrege at
Thu Sep 29 17:27:43 EST 1994


We are starting a new project on the structure of LPS from Serratia 
marcescens. In order to test some of the mutants and clones we have,
we need rfa and rfb clones from any enterobacteriaceae species: E. coli,
Salmonella, etc.

If you have these clusters cloned, or you know about some culture collection
where they could be available, please, email me :

regue at

even if you just have some of the genes but not the complete cluster!

Thak you very much

Miquel Regue
Dep. Microbiology
Faculty of Pharmacy				FAX: 34-3-402 18 86
Av. Diagonal, 643
University of Barcelona 
08028 Barcelona (Spain)

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