ABI sequencing and Stratagene Taq Extender

Eric C. Anderson anderson at pharmdec.wustl.edu
Thu Sep 29 10:43:24 EST 1994

okay, here's an interesting question for those using the ABI Taq Terminator
sequencing kits.  

as most of you know, ABI claims that the Taq Terminator chemistry is good
for about 400bp of sequence.  i've been able to bump it up to 500bp with
good template and primer combinations (and a little voodoo chant i learned
down in New Orleans, but never mind that).  what i'm wondering is if anyone
has used the Taq Extender from Stratagene to try to increase the read
distance.  from what i understand of both products, there isn't anything
obvious that would make one or the other of them screw things up, and it
seem that if it worked (i.e. gave another 100bp or so of good sequence) it
would be a cheap and easy way to stretch the sequence, as opposed to
switching to the Dye Primer or Sequenase chemistry kits.

if anyone has tried this, i'd appreciate it if you could post or mail me
your results (or perhaps lack thereof).  since i'm getting ready to run
another series of optimization experiments (using a number of different
mini-prep protocols which i haven't tried yet) so i think that i will add
Taq extender to my list of things to experiment with.  when i finish with
this, i will be happy to post results as well as comments i may receive
from others.



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