measuring mice blood pressure

carlos h. pedemonte pedemonte at JETSON.UH.EDU
Thu Sep 29 10:29:09 EST 1994


I suppose many people out there are working with transgenic mice. This is a
question for them.  I need to measure conscious heart rates in transgenic
mice. These mice have severe (200-fold) cardiac overexpression of
=DF2-adrenoceptors and their anesthetized rate are 50-100% higher than
control.  I would like the cheapest, reliable way to connect a tail-cuff
monitor to a Grass or McLab physiograph.  What do I buy and from whom? Is
there a newer more pliable tail-cuff specifically for mice? Or is there a
newer and better way (non-invasive)?
Thanks--Richard Bond and Carlos Pedemonte

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