secondary screening after differential display

pattonaj%phvax.dnet at pattonaj%phvax.dnet at
Thu Sep 29 10:29:40 EST 1994

I've used slot blots unstead of northern as I had lots of "positives" to
screen and I thought I could get away with less RNA on a slot blot. I've 
seen other people screen by reverse northern.
While we're on the subject of DD. Is anyone getting it to work reliably?
Every "positive" from the sequencing gel that I've rePCRed to date has been
a false positive in that it lights up in all samples on secondary screening.
I realise that I need to get reproducible results on the sequencing gel but
I'm finding that hard, however, careful I try to be. Any suggestions would
be gratefully received. Many thanks

Amanda Patton

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