Reticulocyte Lysate

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>> I've been using alot of lysate for in vitro translation, and it's getting
>> really expensive - 1 ml = $110.  I would like to make my own, but don't
>> want to hassle with the animals (time, cost, etc.).  Does anyone know if
>> rabbit blood is commercially available?  I'm sure it's alot cheaper than
>> the lysate!  I cannot find it in the catalogs I have here.  Is it
>> reasonable to prepare retic lysate from commercially bought blood?
>Thanks to Frederick for answering my question.  Pel-Freez (1-800-643-4500)
>in Wisconsin sells reticulocyte rich blood, 25 ml for $44.  That will make
>lots of lysate, I'm sure!

Try also Green Hectares (no kidding) in Oregon, Wisconsin (what's with 
Wisconsin and the rabbits?).  They sell retic. lysate, untreated (e.g., 
no hemin, non-nucleased) for about $5 - $10 per ml.  It's been awhile 
since I ordered, so I'm sorry that I can't remember the exact price.  I 
don't have the phone # with me now (I'm not at work), but if you want I 
can look it up later.


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