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> Our lab is suddenly in the situation where we have the funds available to 
> buy an automated DNA sequencer.  I would appreciate any input as to 
> recommended companies/machines to check out (or avoid).  Opinions as to 
> ease of use, time to learn the protocol, potential problems, and how well 
> this piece of equipment would fit into a multi-user facility where no one 
> would be in charge are appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Karen M. Kedzie, Ph.D.
> Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
> Irvine CA  92715
> kedziekm at
We are a core and we have two ABI 373 sequencers.  We use the Prism kits
only. Investigators bring us their samples with primer in them and all we
do are the reactions and load.   The majority of the problems you will
incur will be the quality of the DNA.  People will get very frustrated as
samples that they will be able to sequence manually will give them garbage
on the automated sequencer.  It seems that Quiagen preps produce quality
DNA.  I think that you should have one person that does reactions and
loads the gel.  It would just seem chaotic with multi-users, and runs
would be done without the gel being fully loaded and that would be a waste
of 14 hrs.

Good Luck,

Lisa Bibbs

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