Phosphoroimagers vs Instantimager Experiences Saught

Roland J Saldanha rsaldanh at
Fri Sep 30 17:19:33 EST 1994

We are considering purchasing a phosphorimager or Beta imager specifically the 
Packard Instantimager.  We have mostly had continuous exposure to a Betagen  
Beta imager and are most familiar with it.  I would be very grateful for 
comments positive & negative about the BIO-RAD phosphorimager, the Molecular 
Dynamics Phosphorimager, & the Packard Instantimager.  I am most interested in 
general satisfaction with the product, reliability, ease of use, cost of 
maintenance (screens, optical backup devices etc for the phosphorimagers), 
product support & service etc.

I will post a summary of the information should I garner enough and there is 


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