Sequencing Workshops

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Fri Sep 30 10:11:11 EST 1994

Dear Nancy Bowers,

Gibco/BRL offers a number of workshops teaching a variety of molecular 
techniques.  They used to offer something on sequencing, but I'm not sure 
that they still do.  

Promega occassionally has sequencing workshops to promote it's Silver 
Sequencing Kit.  I went to one of those - it was extremely helpful.

If you can't find any workshops, try this.  Call a company and see if you 
can arrange a workshop on site.  A number of companies used to do this.  
You would host the workshop, providing the space, pipettemen, gel rigs, 
etc., and they would teach a number of people.  

The other thing to do would be to find a lab at Penn State that is 
already doing sequencing (I'm sure there are one or two that are doing 
it), and spend some time with them.  It's less expensive and a more 
immediate solution. . . .

Karen Kedzie, Ph.D.
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Irvine CA

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