Ab to mouse nuclear protein wanted

jfh jfhess at ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 3 11:15:56 EST 1995

	I am preparing to do some immuno flouresence on mouse eye sections,
looking expression of lens proteins.  I also have Ab to a nuclear enzyme
that I don't think will be present in the lens.  To be thorough, I would
like to have an antibody that stains  the mouse lens nuclei as a positive
 I would also like to not have to buy an Ab.  Can anyone help me out?
Email me for more info, thanks

John Hess, PhD                    Phone me 916 752 8420
Dept of Human Anatomy             FAX me 916 752 8520
University of Calif               Email me jfhess at ucdavis.edu
Davis, CA                         or leave me alone, your choice.

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