RNA from Spleen - Help!

Timo Hiltunen bltihi at uta.fi
Mon Apr 3 00:57:31 EST 1995

Aaron Pawlyk (aaron at ccat.sas.upenn.edu) wrote:
: Hello all!  I (and other people in the department here) have been isolating
: RNA from rat spleen.  We all seem to be having similar problems.  The basic
: method we have been following is as follows:

: Spleen quickly dissected out of rats and frozen on dry ice.  Then stored
: for periods of a few days to a few monthes.

We always use liquid nitrogen for freezing the samples immediately.
In addition to this, if the samples are valuable, we proceed to
RNA isolation (a GTC method) on the same day. 

Timo Hiltunen
from the Univ. of Tampere, Finland

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