mRNA in situ on sections with DIG-probe?

Jukka Luoma jluoma at
Mon Apr 3 00:24:17 EST 1995

Katarina.Nordqvist at (Katarina Nordqvist) writes:

>Does anyone have a nice protocol for doing mRNA in situs on sections of
>tissues with a digoxigenin (DIG, Boehringer Mannheim) labled RNA probe
>(the same kind of probe used for whole mount in situs). It would be nice
>to get hold of a protocol where it is possible to detect low expressing

>Grateful for all ideas.

>Katarina Nordqvist

My idea is that you try to use isotope labelled RNA probes, because you
will probably have problems when using DIG-labelled probes. For example the 
penetration of DIG-probes into tissue-sections will be difficult. This is 
probably due to a big size of DIG-label when you compare the size with 
isotope label.

Please write some comments if you have used DIG-label with tissue samples
with or without success.

Jukka Luoma

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