Bovine mitochondrial DNA variability

Sally Garrison garrisons at
Tue Apr 4 12:03:12 EST 1995

I am interested in beginning a project investigating the variability of mtDNA 
in cows in New Zealand with the aim of identifying beef that has been obtained 
by cattle-rustlers.

mtDNA seems a good choice of locus since it is almost exclusively maternally 
inherited and cattlein this country seem to have few Dads owing to stud farms.

Can anyone advise me if different varieties of cattle (ie Hereford vs Angus 
etc) have detectable mtDNA differences in either the d-loop, or cytochrome b?

Any help or other advice much appreciated.

Brian Scrimshaw
ESR Forensic
Wellington (yes, the windy city, GREAT for windsurfing)
New Zealand

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