AGAIN: promoter/intron-exon/TF people-- WHERE ARE YOU??

Heidi Moss hmmoss at MAIL.MED.CORNELL.EDU
Mon Apr 3 18:33:53 EST 1995

Based on the replies I obtained, it is my understanding that there are 
many people out there with requests for this type of information. (Thanks 
to the few who gave me feedback -- the "replies requesting for copies 
of my replies" exceeded the number of actual informational replies I received!)
Thus, I decided to repeat my previous message (with some additions):  

This is a very generic request, but I figured why not seek advice from 
I have been working on genomic clones (isolated from a lambda dashII 
genomic library) of novel human IL2-induced genes (just FYI -- I am more 
interested in BASIC promoter analysis/intron-exon analysis/transcription 
factor information. Even if you work in a different area or with a different 
organism, your advice is useful!!) 
After laboring for many months, I think I finally have the full genomic 
clone and located the promoter region. After sequencing, I plan to make 
luciferase constructs for assaying promoter activity. In addition, I would 
like to do some intron-exon analysis, AS WELL as transcription factor/DNA 
binding/enhancer and all of those other regulatory goodies. Here are my 

1) SOURCES, PAPERS, PEOPLE, ETC.-- as you can tell, I am a novice. Any 
advice on good BOOKS, PAPERS, people, etc would be appreciated. Medline 
is driving me crazy. I am not good at being selective.

2) What is the best method for finding intron/exon bounderies?

3) Is there anything better than the transcription factor database for 
analyzing my promoter sequences?


Thanks in advance!!


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