Visualizing DNA on Nytran(TM)?

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Wed Apr 5 20:25:14 EST 1995

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> Howdy.  This question is probably in a FAQ somewhere, but I'm lazy.  Is
> there a straightforward way to see DNA blotted onto Nytran(TM) or
> nitrocellulose?  I'd try using Ethidium bromide, but I don't know how well
> it'll work on the SS DNA you get after denaturing and blotting, and I
> don't want anything that might interfere with a southern afterward.  Any
> help anybody could give me would be really appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Ed Beaty
> D.Microbiology
> U of Illinois-Urbana

Never mind.  I just found a few methods in the bionet archives.  The new
question is:  has anyone ever tried to blot a membrane that has previously
been methylene blue stained?  If so, how well did it work?

Ed Beaty

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