Differential Display

Wed Apr 5 09:00:04 EST 1995

>>c601591 at mizzou1.missouri.edu (Don Haut) writes:
>>I am trying ddpcr and am having some trouble getting ANY bands 
>>at all.  The instructions note that using anything other than Perkin 
>>Elmer Taq does not work.  This sounds like a marketing thing to 
>>me.  Does anyone else have any information about this???   

>Then, mrott at unixg.ubc.ca (Mike Rott) wrote:
> Yes, I have noticed this as well, now I only use PE Taq.  When I 
>mentioned this to a PE rep. they told me that only PE Taq is cloned.  
>Perhaps they get a more consistant, pure product.

BRL, Boehringer-Mannheim and TaKaRa all sell the recombinant form 
of Taq.  Probably the success or failure of differential display has 
more to do with a multitude of other variables.  Just a thought.

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