Plasmid nomenclature

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Daniel Mytelka wrote:

>>In Article <950328.090915.PST.MUNGO at UVVM.UVic.CA>, MUNGO at UVVM.UVIC.CA wrote:
>>I have a rather simple question regarding the description of a plasmid as
>>presented in a paper.  The plasmid contains multiple genes that have been
>>spliced together and this is described in the paper as "CAB::LUC::E9".  I
>>know the CAB, LUC, and E9.  Is there any significance to the "::"?  Does
>>it have a specific meaning ?  Excuse the ignorance if this is common.
>Classically, this referred to the insertion of something into a gene,
>such as a transposon (eg lacZ::Tn10).

I have not followed all this thread, and may be repeating other peoples
suggestions, but proposed standards for nomenclature in bacterial genetics
and plasmids may be found in...

Novick, et al., Bacteriological Reviews 40(1), 168 - 189 (1976)


Demerec, et al., Genetics 54, 61 - 76 (1966)

Proper coli gene names are found in

Bachmann, B.J., Microbiological Reviews 54(2), 130 - 197 (1990)
or more recent version, if I've missed any update of this.

Rob Solomon

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