Conjugation/labeling using carbodiimide-HELP

Carl Hoeger carl_hoeger at
Tue Apr 4 05:01:31 EST 1995

I am currently involved in a research project and I need your help!  Do you
do cojugations, labelings, etc. to proteins using water soluble
carbodiimides, especially EDC?  If so, or if you know of procedures for
doing so, would you please take a few moments and either send me your exact
procedure or a reference to the one you use?  I am especially interested in
hearing from those of you who are linking amine functions to Asp or Glu in a
protein.  Please include in your reponse the following:
-pH used;
-time of reaction;
-concentration of EDC or WSCDI used;
-concentration of protein/labeling agent; and
-temp used.
I am posting this in the hope of getting as wide a variety of procedures as
possible.  I will send to all who repond a summary of the procedures I get,
as well as a summary of the results of our experiments (NOTE: I am not
selling anything, nor will I be!).  Thanks!

Carl (carl_hoeger at
Carl Hoeger (carl_hoeger at
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