Wax beads

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Wed Apr 5 11:37:23 EST 1995

>> In article <3lcibn$bv4 at news.acns.nwu.edu>, jkh141 at nwu.edu wrote:
>> > Does anyone sell cheap wax beads for hot-starting PCR?  I
>> > tried Histo embedding wax beads, but I had to chop them up with 
>> > a razor blade and wasn't keen on this potential source of 
>> > contamination. 
>> > 

I vaguely remember a post on this topic, they said that parafin used for
canning worked really well. They melted it, put it in a water bath and
just used a pipet to transfer some to the pcr tube. I don't recall who 
posted this.  

You can search the archives if you have access to gopher, the site is
net.bio.net. Use wax as a keyword, I think you'll find a lot a posts.

-- Gina

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