How to calculate PIC?

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> Hello netters,
> Here is a quick question. 
> I am encountered by PIC (polymorphism information content), when I read a 
> paper from "Five new microsatellite polymorphisms at the q21 region of 
> human chromosome 21" on the journal" Human Genetics". The auther did not 
> mention how to calculate PIC. So if someone can kindly show me or direct me 
> to certain references?
> Thank you in advance.
> Bixing Huang
> huangbx at
> Deakin University of Australia.

A formula for PIC is given in Weber (1990) Genomics 7:524-530.  The
original reference may be in Botstein et al. (1980) Amer. J. Hum. Genet

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