GelReader and LC630

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Thu Apr 6 10:27:25 EST 1995

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> Could somebody help me.  When I want to run the NCSA GelReader2.0.5LCsi on a
> LC630 Mac, the computer crashes when I want to select the lanes of a gel.
> The problem arises also on a Quadra both runing with the 68040 processors,
> whereas the program work whithout any problem  on an "old" LC
> This is independant on the co-pro as both versions of the GelReader don't
> work.
> Diederik van Tuinen

Try going into the control panels folder (inside the system folder) and
open up the Cache Switch control panel (this is unique to 040 processor
macs). After double-clicking the control panel, a new window with two
buttons comes up. One is labeled "Faster (Caches Enabled)" and the other
is marked "More Compatible (Caches Disabled)". Generally you want to keep
the caches enabled (I think it is the special write-back caching scheme
which is unique to the 040) since this really speeds up most programs.
However, when a recalcitrant program like the one you described crashes
only on Quadra-class machines (68040 processor) and not on 030 or lower
machines my guess would be this caching problem. Just try running the
program after you switch the button to "More Compatible". You will have to
restart your computer for the change to take place. 

Hope this helped.

Gregory A. Cox
The Jackson Laboratory
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
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