Dig Labelled Oligos Needed

Richard T. Pon rtpon at acs.ucalgary.ca
Wed Apr 5 10:15:23 EST 1995

In article <3ls2rf$ddl at solaris.cc.vt.edu>,
Christine Ward  <dna at mail.vt.edu> wrote:
>I am looking for companies (small or large) which produce Digoxigenin
>Labelled Oligos 30-40bp in Length. 
>If you know of any please reply at dna at vt.edu
>or e-mail me at Mcquist at vtvm1.cc.edu
>I would greatly appreciate it.
>John R. McQuiston

	The University Core DNA Services (UCDNA) facility at the
University of Calgary prepares 5'-DIG labeled oligo's (as well as
5'-Biotinylated and 5'-dye labeled oligo's). All of the UCDNA
Services are provided to both external and internal users on an
equal basis (i.e. same price and priority).
	DIG labeling is performed with the DIG NHS ester sold by
Boehringer-Mannheim. The labeling reaction is a manual
post-synthesis reaction which includes purification by gel
electrophoresis. The cost of eacch DIG reaction is $100 plus the
cost of making the oligo (00.2 umol scale: $25/sequence +
$3.95/base). These prices are in $Canadian. US customers receive
a currency discount of 20%.
	Contact the UCDNA lab at DNALAB at ACS.UCALGARY.CA (tel:
403-220-4277, FAX: 403-283-4907) for more information. 

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