Data capture method needed

Thu Apr 6 06:13:00 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for the response to my query on NIH image recently. On a related
note, I require a program which will convert the data from a line
into x nand y values. Essentially, I have a curve on chart recording paper
which i have been measuring and analysing by hand. Talk about Jurrasic park!
After scanning and import into NIH image, the cursor gives me a good measure
of x and y which I then manually plug into an analysis program. So I'm half-way
there! Any advice to drag me into the in silico age appreciated.
Jim Brannigan,
Chemistry Dept.,
University of York, UK

PS I know this probably should go to bio-soft, but I find a much more
healthy response from yhis newsgroup. Thanks.

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