Nonidet P-40 - immunoprecipitate

sjfletch at sjfletch at
Fri Apr 7 22:57:40 EST 1995

> >>  Nonidet P-40 is the same as Triton X-100, which is a common nonionic
> >>  detergent used in many extraction protocols to solubilize membranes, very
> >>  good for nuclear membranes. As already somebody stated, it has a polar
> >>  polyethylenglycol chain and a  non-polar tail to interact with membranes,
> >>  leading to the formation of lipids trapped in water-soluble micelles.
> >>  

	I am using Triton and N-P40 to solubilise my proteins.  How likely is 
it that a particular membrane protein will not express it's extracellular 
sequence to the outside of the micelle?

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