Polyacrylamide Gel Shrinkage

M K Bennett pamkb at mail.bris.ac.uk
Fri Apr 7 03:05:20 EST 1995

Victor DeFilippis (vicdef at BIOLOGY.BIOSCI.WAYNE.EDU) wrote:
: Dear Anyone:

: I'm having trouble with 80 cm 6% polyacrylamide gels.  They pour
: fine and then sit overnight to be run in the morning.....[SNIP]  
: ..... even though I've sealed the plates up tight with wet kimwipes,
: Saran wrap, tape, etc. the gel has actually polymerized so that it's 
: come away from the spacers about a millimeter or so (shrunk).
: Is it necessary to pour these gels the night before as they take a 
: long time to polymerize and a very long time to run.  
: Any advice at all would be appeciated.

Well, Im not a major league sequencer but I up the temed and ammonium
persulphate (Amper) concentration to make the gel set faster.  As long as the
gel doesn't set in the syringe as Im pouring it I dont worry too much about
it.  Also to seal your plates make up 0.5ml volumes of quick setting
acrylamide ie. lots of temed and Amper and run this down the edge of your
spacers and at the bottom of the plates this will seal the plates more
efficiently than using tape.

Good luck with the sequencing
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