Data capture method needed

Mark Siddall mes at
Sun Apr 9 09:21:52 EST 1995

Try "Datathief" available by anonymous ftp to the
site (or any mirror) as info-mac/app/datathief.hqx.
If you open a PICT file with it you are presented with a mouse cursor
with cross-hairs tht first says "-x" which you click on the minimum
position of the abcissa, a dialog box asks for the value (e.g., 0).
The crosshairs then say "+x" and which you then click on the max position 
of the abcissa and enter the maximum value in the dialog box (e.g., 40)
Then the cursor says "-y" and "+y" in turn for the min and max of the
After this, the mouse cursor cross-hairs say "D" and you can click on 
any data points.  Each click stores a in memory an x/y coordinate.
When you "Save" an ASCII file contains all of these data points.
I am not sure if there is a DOS or windows version.


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