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       MEMO           DNA restriction mapping progs         Date:  4/10/95
Subject: Re: DNA restriction mapping programs
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In article <cdh-0404951234010001 at f010.mim.uic.edu>
cdh at uic.edu (C. Douglas Hershberger) writes:
>    We are currently having problems with DNA strider v 1.0.  We use
> strider to generate restriction maps from sequence data. But recently it
> has been crashing our computer, which is a powermac 6100/60.  All we
> really need is a program which takes sequence and creates a restriction
> map based on that sequence. Does anyone know of some good programs
> available for cheap or free that will do this as well as strider?  I have
> heard that a new version of strider is available, but do not know where to
> get it.  My apologies if this is in some FAQ somewhere but I didn't see
> any mention of this topic in the FAQ for this newsgroup and this seemed
> like the most appropriate group to ask.  Thanks             -Doug

I have a couple of programs that will crash a PowerMac, but if I turn off
the Modern Memory Manager (from the Memory Control Panel) then restart the
Mac, they work fine.  I don't have a copy of DNA Strider, so I don't know if
it'll solve your problem.

It turns out that the PowerPC chips have a new (or "Modern") method of
handling the pages of memory which doesn't always work quite right when the
chip is running in the 040 emulation mode.

Good luck,


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