ABI Plasmid sequencing

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Tue Apr 11 18:19:25 EST 1995

Michael Gorry (mcgorry at med.pitt.edu) wrote:
: I have recently tried to sequence two plasmids with complete failure.

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mike... (you gave up at two?)

assuming that your are using all ABI's kits and conditions (i.e. the
PRISM DyeDeoxy Terminators) and a PEC 9600, I can tell you that I've
had lousy results following the protocols exactly as published in 
the instruction manual (the pGEM3Zf+ ds control gave no signal when
sequenced with their machine and their protocol exactly as written).

i can tell you that once i altered the thermocycling conditions (i.e.
a longer intial denaturation step, presumably to denature plasmid
DNA more effectively), that i got satisfactory results.  i too 
compared plasmid vs. PCR-fragment sequencing and found that 
optimal thermocycling conditions for DNA sequencing differ between the two
and seem to correspond loosely to the total length of your template
( a 5 kB plasmid will have different annealing kinetics than a 
400 bp PCR product ). 

keep in mind that the exact cycling parameters will depend on your
thermocycler.  ALSO: even though you will sacrifice flexibility in
your choice of primers, i would highly recommend that you move to the
dye primer chemistry which will give you much more reliability in 
data acquisition.

contact me directly if you need more assistance.

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