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> Hello, netters,
> I've heard that there is Chlamydomonas center at Duke University but I 
> don't have address. It'll be very thanked if anyone let me know phone or 
> fax or mailing or e-mail, anything.
> Thanks in advance,
> Lee

Here's the gopher site.

Here's the web site.

And some info about the web site and Lib Harris, who you can contact with
specific ?'s.

> Welcome to ChlamyDB! This is version 1.0 of what we hope will be a useful
> research tool for the
> Chlamydomonas community for years to come. ChlamyDB is curated by
> Elizabeth H. Harris,
> DCMB Box 91000, Duke University, Durham NC 27708-1000, phone 919-613-8164, FAX
> 919-613-8177. 
> What's here:
>         Genetic and molecular maps of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 
>         Information on genetic loci, mutant alleles, sequenced genes 
>         Descriptions of strains in the Chlamydomonas Genetics Center
>         Links to Genbank for the sequenced genes 
>         Colleagues' names and addresses 
>         More than 1000 bibliographic citations 
Hope this helps.

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