Conjugation/labeling using carbodiimide-HELP

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Tue Apr 11 07:58:37 EST 1995

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carl_hoeger at (Carl Hoeger) writes:
>I am currently involved in a research project and I need your help!  Do you
>do cojugations, labelings, etc. to proteins using water soluble
>carbodiimides, especially EDC? ...
Although not specifically a protein chemistry book, an excellent reference
for EDC couplings along with several other methods is "Antibodies: A
Laboratory Manual" by Harlow and Lane (published by Cold Spring Harbor, 1988,
ISBN 0-87969-314-2, see pages 84-85).  This is overall a very good book on
all aspects of antibody generation, characterization, and purification.  The
protocols in this book are precise and easy to follow.
I hope this helps.  Actually you should be able to find a mountain of journal
reference for using EDC with medline and most protein modification text or
immunology lab guides (v.s.) have this information.
Jim Poole
Dept. of Pathology
University of Louisville

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