HA antibodies

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Subject: HA antibodies
From: jesuspla
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 10:39:10
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jesuspla at eucmvx.sim.ucm.es writes:
>Does anyone know how to get anti-hemaglutinin antibodies to localize
>in the cell ?. Are they comercial ?

If you want to use epitope tagging for immunolocalisation
anti-HA antibodies are the ones to avoid. HA-tagged proteins
can be immunolocalised but only if they are horrifically
overexpressed in COS or 293 cells for example. A reasonable
level of expression will not be visible above the high background.
It is of course possible that we have received poor lots of mAb!
We routinely use HA tags for immunoprecipitation of the
protein of interest and VSVG or MYC tags for immunolocalisation,
both of which work well.

Fergus McKenzie, McKenzie at naxos.unice.fr
Universite de Nice, France.

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