Cold Northern Blotting

Klaus Salger salger at
Wed Apr 12 17:40:42 EST 1995

Maz (m.l.amos at wrote:
: Hello everyone,
: I am currently trying to look at levels of AChE mRNA with a cold probe
: Northern blotting method but can not get it to work. Has anyone used this
: method or have any tips on where I could be going wrong.
: Thanks in anticipation,
: Max

What kind of label and which protocol do you use? What does the result
look like?
I'm using the protocol of Engler-Blum et al. Anal.Biochem. 210, p.235 (1993)
with DIG-labeled DNA- or RNA-probes. This protocol works good for me.
I didn't compare it directly to radioactive Northerns but I was able to
detect rare mRNAs.


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