Promega's dNTP's

Brick Ayola abrick at
Wed Apr 12 14:19:21 EST 1995

> In article <3mgvn8$67q at>, John McQuiston <dna at>
> wrote:
> > Anyone had problems with Promega's dNTP's?
> > We've had three bad batches this last year and lost about 4 - 6 weeks
> > each time trying to figure out what the hell is going on.
> > Any suggestions for a better supplier?
> > I've heard Gibco/BRL's are pretty good.

On Wed, 12 Apr 1995, PJOB wrote:
> Do you have the lot number of the bad batch?  Please post if you do!

On a similar note, I had problems with dNTP's from Pharmacia. PCR results 
would be negative if a stock soln containing all 4 dNTP's were used, but 
for some reason was OK if each dNTP was added separately. I noticed in 
Perkin-Elmer's PCR protocol that they recommend adding each dNTP 
separately or a *freshly* made dNTP mix. What happens to a dNTP mix 
stored long term? Does it increase degradation or spontaneously 
self-assemble? If so why not individual dNTP's?

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