equipment reviews help

Jeff Mangahas jmangaha at fred
Wed Apr 12 14:36:05 EST 1995

Does anyone have any experience with New Brunswick's orbital shakers?  in 
particular the Newer INNOVA 4300 vs. the G-25 shakers.  i have heard that 
the INNOVA have been prone to breaking down.

What about the Sorvall High Speed centrifuges RC-5B and RC-5C.  The 5C 
model is microprocessor controled and the 5B is not.  does the 5C perform 
as well as the 5B.

Any information that you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

My name is Jeff Mangahas and you can write e-mail to me at 
jmangaha at

thanks very much!  :)

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