Promega's dNTP's

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Wed Apr 12 21:33:23 EST 1995

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Anyone had problems with Promega's dNTP's?
We've had three bad batches this last year and lost about 4 - 6 weeks
each time trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Any suggestions for a better supplier?

I've heard Gibco/BRL's are pretty good.



I must confess to never using Promega's dNTPs, although I think it's a
safe bet that they are buying them from somewhere else. However, it's my
understanding that Pharmacia bought out PL Biochemicals, who were the
first people to purify nucleotides. I've never had a bad batch from them.
In my opinion they are the gold standard.

The nucleotides can eventually go bad after repeated freeze thaws, though.
It seems to take 30-50, though, or something like that. Purely anecdotal

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