Periplasmic extracts??

Jennifer Lyon movatech at
Wed Apr 12 10:57:11 EST 1995

pemanuel at (Peter) wrote:
> I need a good and preferably
> easy protocol to get periplasmic extrcats of E. coli.
>  Can anyone give me a detailed procedure or a paper to turn to.  Every
> paper I look at references someone else and I am beginning to believe that
> no one ever writes anything down anymore!

Check "Current Protocols in Molecular Biology" - the big red book (Ausubel, et al.).
there is a cold osmotic shock protocol in there that can be used for periplasmic isolation.
See also, Ames, et. al. (1984)J.Bacteriology 160:1181-1183 for an alternative procedure.

-Jennifer Lyon

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