I need help on Ligations

Lois Johnson ljohnson at pobox.upenn.edu
Thu Apr 13 13:15:07 EST 1995

Dr. Kravetz:
	A postdoc in our lab had a similar problem. She solved it by 
using BRL's Clone-Amp kit.  It has you redesign your primers for your 
insert and add CUA's to the end of both the 3' & 5' primer.  These are 
then ligated  to a pAMP vector which has compatible ends.  It has worked 
for her as well as for another lab in our facility.  YOu must however 
troubleshoot  to find the correct concentration of insert to add.  It 
tends to be a very dilute amount in  order to get the ligatin to work.  
Call Gibco and ask for their literature!!  Hope this helps\!

Lois Johnson
Monell Chemical Senses Center
Philadelphia PA  19104
ljohnson at pobox.upenn.edu

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