Vivek Kapur vkapur at
Thu Apr 13 08:42:52 EST 1995

Hi folks,

I am interested in any opinions/suggestions for digital photocumentation
equipment and software for both UV and white light photograpy.  Our needs
are simple -- we want the best quality and the lowest price!  Since we
will be using the system rather heavily (>50 prints a day), we would like
the price of the prints to be low.

Please do forward your opinions/suggestions either directly to my mailbox
[vkapur at] or to this newsgroup.  If there are a substantial
number of responses, I will be happy to post a summary to this newsgroup.

Many thanks,


Vivek Kapur
Department of Veterinary PathoBiology
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN 55108

vkapur at

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