plasmid graphics software?

Terri Dunahay Terri_Dunahay at NREL.GOV
Fri Apr 14 17:37:54 EST 1995

I'm looking for a software package, preferably Windows based and 
user-friendly, for drawing and manipulating plasmid maps.  We have one now 
called Enhance that will import figures produced in Clone4 or elsewhere, and 
allow us to produce a figure with up to 6 plasmids (with arrows, labels, etc) 
for depicting a plasmid construction scheme.  The output is very nice, but its 
not very easy to use.  Are there any new plasmid drawing packages out there 
that anyone really likes?  I have a PC, but a coworker has a Mac, so that info 
would help as well.


Terri Dunahay
National Renewable Energy Lab
dunahayt at

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