I need help on Ligations

Andy Kravetz akravetz at MO.NET
Fri Apr 14 17:49:42 EST 1995

Jennifer Lyon (movatech at mailbag.com) wrote:
: NcoI is a tricky cutter on the ends of molecules. If you put an NcoI site on the end ofa PCR product,\
: make sure you left enough space for NcoI to sit down and cut. I'd recommend giving it about 10 bps. 
: For almost all retrictin enzymes, its a good idea to leave them about 6 bp's on the end.
: A good source for cutting info on R.E.'s is NEB's catalog.

yeah, Jennifer, but I checked the B/M catalog and it said that I did not 
need to have extra bases. As such, I designed my primer without an extra 
base. live and Learn right??? So to all, what do I do now.. If truly, the 
NcoI is not cutting then I am SOL. Any hints...



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