Q: Minimum length for homologous rec. in E. coli

Daniel Kim dkim at nmsu.edu
Thu Apr 13 12:03:15 EST 1995

Re:  homologous recombination in E. coli:

There have been several articles on the technique "recombinant circle 
PCR" in BioTechniques (1993, 1994, I think).  You might want to do a 
search through BioTechNet.  Just Telnet to biotechnet.com and login as 
BIOTECH.  Password is "technique".  This will give you the 
public-accessible features of biotechnet, including a database of all 
BioTechniques articles.  The interface is all menu-driven, so it should 
not be a problem to run it.

I believe the length of homologous ends used in recomb. cir.pcr is about 
20 bp minmum.

good luck.

Daniel Kim
dkim at verdi.nmsu.edu

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