rat or mouse reticulocyte cDNA

Roger F. Anderson rander at cco.caltech.edu
Mon Apr 17 16:04:59 EST 1995

tbuckley at sol.uvic.ca (Tom Buckley) writes:

>I would like to clone a rat erythrocyte membrane protein for which I have
>some N-terminal sequence.  It seems reticuloyte cDNA is the best bet. 
>Does anyone know a source of a murine cDNA library or a reference or two
>on how to make one?


>Tom Buckley
>Tbuckley at sol.uvic,c

A list of Commercial DNA clone libraries is available at:
http://www.gnp.com/atcg and follow the menu from there to commercial libraries.
We also have restriction enzymes and modifying enzymes.
Good luck,
Roger Anderson
Anderson Publications


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