HELP-polyacrylamide gels

Harold Drabkin harold.drabkin at
Sun Apr 16 23:01:00 EST 1995

Subject: HELP-polyacrylamide gels cracking

J>acrylamide (with 7 M urea) gels that are 0.8 mm 
J>thick (twice the thickness of my sequencing gels). Each time I have tried to 
J>dry them they crack like shattered glass!!!!

J>Someone out there must know the trick to drying high percentage gels that 
J>are 0.8 mm thick.   Help  Help

J>I have tried drying at 50 or 60 C, but the gels take forever to dry and still 

I often dry down 0.75mm gels; not that far off.  I fix the gel in the
same solution that I use for doing sequencing gels (10% Acetic acid, 10%
methanol), then dry down.  I've done 8-even 20% this way.

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